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How Your Brand Benefits from Using Sustainable Packaging

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious as they start to hold businesses and even their packaging to higher standards. While moving towards a more sustainable business process can seem daunting or expensive, due to the stigma that sustainable products can often cost more or be of lower quality, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Once you make the switch, you can use your boxes as a marketing tool to watch your brand grow.

Here are three reasons your brand benefits from using sustainable packaging.

Gain Trust with Your Existing Customers

Using environmentally-friendly packaging can give your brand a serious boost with your customers. In fact, 73% of millennials are willing to pay more for products and services that are sustainable. When you switch to sustainable packaging your customers will recognize your dedication to the well-being of our environment. This corporate responsibility is what leads to 78% of customers aged 18-72 to feeling more positive about products that use recycled packaging.

Expand Your Audience

Consumers don’t just want sustainable products, they want sustainable companies too. In other words, consumers want sustainable companies who have practices in place to make even their production eco-friendly. Soon enough, sustainability won’t be a niche play but instead your brand growth could depend on it. When your brand protects the Earth perception of your business will improve and so will your customer base. The best part? You can easily use your recycled shipping boxes as a branding tool to further grow your audience.

Help Save the Environment

Every year in the U.S. there are 165 billion packages shipped. Yes, billion with a “B.” That equates to over 1 billion trees lost every single year. So, changing one small thing about your business can make a huge impact on the environment. Think about it like this: if you buy 1,000 completely recycled corrugated boxes your business will save a little over 6 trees. Now imagine how many trees, gallons of water, tons of CO2, and more could be saved if these packages were all made from recycled materials.

Help your brand become of a part of the change when you switch to recycled packaging. The lasting influence of your brand won’t only go a long way with the environment, but also with your customers.

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