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How to Build an Effective Ecommerce Product Page Without Being an Expert

You don’t have to be a marketing, design or business expert to have an effective ecommerce product page. 

As an ecommerce store owner, saying you have several responsibilities is an understatement. In order to run your store, you’re probably solely responsible for keeping your product in stock and making sure it looks good and works for your customer. Next, you need to become a shipping expert so you can get your products out to your customer in the most cost-effective way possible. Then, you need to set up your online store and become a marketing wizard so people have a way of finding and purchasing your product. And all of this doesn’t even take into account the details and levels of expertise required to execute each of these tasks. Sound exhausting and overwhelming? Don’t worry. We’ve been there. 

We’re here to help you as an ecommerce store owner build an effective ecommerce product page without feeling like you have to be an expert in marketing. In this post, we’ll go over what you need to have an effective ecommerce product page without having to be a marketing expert. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Ecommerce Product Page Overview

We’ll start with an overview of what your product page should do. And don’t worry. We won’t use a bunch of confusing jargon like conversions, traffic, and acquisition. If we do slip into jargon, we’ll explain it. At its core, your product page should do these three things:

  • Stay focused on the product and be consistent with the way you present your business.
  • Boost your customers’ loyalty and confidence so they buy your product.
  • Inspire customers to promote your product or business.

In case you don’t make it all the way through this post, we’ll lead with the most important aspects that go into these three things for your ecommerce product page. 

  • Clear and accurate product photos.
  • Clear product overview and description, including title, price, features, action-inspiring line (call-to-action) button and options.
  • Social proof, including review and ratings.
  • Similar product suggestions (upsell and cross sell to increase your average order value).

Product Images

A study from marketing and sales platform Hubspot shows that content supported by relevant photos get 94% more views than content that is not. Your product page should have a clear image that represents and showcases your product. Preferably, you’ll even have multiple images of your product from different angles to clearly show how your product looks. After all in the ecommerce world, your customer only has the photos you provide to create a first visual impression of your product. Make it count.

Here’s a secret. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer or be a professional yourself to get good photos. All you need is a clear, clean backdrop, your product and good lighting. 

Product Description

Next, you should focus on the description for your product. Make sure you’re clearly, fully, but simply explaining what your product does. Your description should also include any technical specifications your customer should know. 

When you buy something from Amazon, remember that you relied on the product description to decide if it could fit you or fit in your home. You also most likely wanted 

Draw Attention to Your Add-to-Cart Button

This button should be clear to your user. Make sure it’s not too small or buried too deep down on your page. 

And when it comes to what your button should say, it’s best to keep it simple and familiar for your user. A simple “Add to Cart” communicates exactly what you want your customer to do and is clear for your customer how they can purchase your product. 

Build Trust in Your Product and Business

Going back to our Amazon example, what’s one of the main things you look for when shopping on Amazon? If you’re like us, you probably scrolled down to find the reviews. This is natural for us as customers! We want to be assured of our decision to purchase a product, and reading reviews that show other people’s experiences help us. 

You can be sure that your customers feel the same. Help your customers trust your product and business by adding what’s known as social proof to your product page. 

Despite its name, social proof isn’t actually solely social media reviews. The term was coined in 1984 by psychologist Robert Cialdini in his book, Influence. In the book, Cialdini writes that social proof is a practice people use when in groups or situations where one person is uncertain about the thoughts and feelings of the others in the group. A person will use social proof to incorporate the opinions of others in order to form their own opinions.

So you see, including social proof on your product page is a great way to build trust around your product and business. Add social proof by reaching out to your customers for reviews. It can be something as simple as a single sentence under your add to cart button.

All of these elements combined will help you build an effective ecommerce product page both for you as a business owner and for your customer. And if you're looking for examples, we've pulled together a few great ones. Let's take a look at some expert product pages.


This cult-famous skincare and beauty brand knows how to please its customers. It’s clear that a lot of care and expertise went into creating this brand. The company today is worth over $1.2 billion, so let’s take a look at one of its product pages.

glossier balm dotcom product page

This page has all the elements of a good product page. You have the option of scrolling through multiple product images that show off their Balm Dotcom lip balm. Notice the clean, plain background on their first image that clearly shows off the full product. Just through a few images, you know how large the product is, how it looks in use, and the other colors available. 

The product description section is laid out in neat sections explaining what it is, what it does, and other details that would be good to know for the customer, like what the product is made from and its texture.

Immediately below the flavors available is their add to cart button, a clear, large black button that’s easy to click for the customer. Right underneath the button, you’ll find customer reviews of the product. The placement of the button and reviews allows the customer to read about the product before deciding for themselves if they would like to purchase.

Soak & Soy

We love Soak & Soy for a few different reasons. The handmade, all-natural skin salve company started from the support of friends and family. Today, they’ve grown to offer over 7 categories of products from beard balms to candles and soaks. Soak & Soy rehomes glassware and other packaging into candle holders, which makes their products all the more endearing. They also use custom shipping boxes from Brandable Box. 

Let’s take a look at their product page. Right off the bat, we love that you can see everything you need to know about their Solid Lotion Bar without having to scroll on the page. A beautiful, clear image shows how the product looks and shows off its packaging. The price is right under the product title, so it’s clear for the customer. The add to cart button is placed before the product description so the customer doesn’t have to scroll to find it. The description includes the product’s ingredients, which is very helpful for customers to know before purchasing.

soak & soy solid lotion bar product page

Leesa Mattress

Leesa is a mattress company that ships folded mattresses directly to customers, eliminating the need to go to a brick and mortar mattress store. Leesa knows its customers are most likely familiar with other mattress companies like it. Think Casper, Tuft & Neele and even Purple. Let’s take a look at Leesa’s product page.

Leesa instantly starts with why you should choose them over another mattress company. Their product image has a few key features that might draw interest from customers. Their product description is just a single sentence. In order to read more about their product, you have to first pass by the add to cart button. 

leesa mattress product page

Leesa created a journey for their customer by revealing more of their story the more you scroll. A mattress is a big purchase, and Leesa provides all the information you need to know before you buy.

Now that you’ve built a product page that helps you sell your product, what’s next? We recommend taking a look at your shipping box. After the wonderful experience you’ve built for your customer online, they’ll be expecting an equally wonderful experience when your product arrives on their doorstep. We have no doubts the product you’ve created is top quality and will wow your customer. But the first physical impression they’ll get is from your shipping box.

Make it count with custom shipping boxes from Brandable Box. Just like building a product page, you don’t have to be an expert in design. All you have to do is upload the logo you have. We’ll take it from there. Try custom shipping boxes today.

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