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A Complete Guide to Ecommerce Shipping: eBay, Etsy and Shopify

For ecommerce businesses, having a shipping strategy in place is crucial for success. One look at Amazon Prime’s 100 million members tells you that customers value fast, reliable shipping from their ecommerce providers. But what about the small online businesses that don’t have the same capabilities and resources as a company valued at roughly $1.1 trillion

The good news is store owners on sites like Shopify, Etsy and eBay can still benefit from utilizing best practices for ecommerce shipping. From packaging and materials to shipping costs and time, a successful retail shipping program starts with customer-friendly, efficient and cost-effective methods employed by successful companies of all sizes. 

If you run an ecommerce business and are looking to optimize your shipping strategy, look no further.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to managing shipping logistics and strategy for Shopify, Etsy and eBay store owners. Can we get a ship, ship, hooray? 

What You Need to Know About Shopify Shipping

Shopify, an ecommerce platform and point-of-sale system, allows you to set up various shipping methods depending on your needs. On the surface, it seems pretty simple, but there are a few things to consider when selecting your shipping preferences. You’ll need to decide where your store will ship to, what your rates will be and what zones to set. 

4 Steps to Set Up Shopify Shipping
  1. Enter your shipping origin.
  2. Add shipping zones.
  3. Add shipping rates or activate calculated shipping for zones.
  4. If you’re using Shopify shipping to buy and print labels, choose your label printer and default packaging types.

Check out our blog post, The Complete E-Commerce Shopify Shipping Checklist, to learn more about Shopify shipping. Also find out how your Shopify store can benefit from custom printed shipping boxes

eBay Shipping Tips and Tricks

Online shopping site eBay has become so much more than just a “yard sale” style platform — it’s now a destination for reputable sellers to run their businesses. But did you know that eBay sellers can also benefit from branded packaging and shipping strategies? Here’s how you can do it too: 

Select a shipping option that fits you, your needs and your budget. Choose from options like flat-fee shipping, calculated shipping or local pickup. 

Set a price that’s nice. It’s no secret that customers dislike paying for shipping, so it’s important not to overcharge. Want to offer free shipping? Even better! One way to offset this cost is by building it into the price of your products.

Think about personalized packaging. Using the right size box, unique branding and incentivizing inserts can help make it your own.  

Find out more eBay shipping secrets in our post, Experienced eBay Sellers Win With Branded Shipping.

Things to Note About Etsy Shipping 

As a marketplace focused on handmade or vintage items, Etsy is a place where creativity thrives. This means you can get a little creative with your packaging and shipping, too. Utilizing branded boxes that reflect the aesthetics of your store can help reinforce your brand image and improve the customer experience.

When you sell unique items in an Etsy shop, it’s important to consider the specialized nature of those pieces when choosing your shipping materials. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your products fragile? 
  • Are they atypically sized?
  • How much do they weigh? 

Refer to these handy tips on how to find the right shipping box for your Etsy shipping needs. And don’t forget to check out our Etsy Shipping Checklist

How Packaging Factors Into Ecommerce Shipping

Want to take your Shopify, Etsy or eBay store to the next level? Here’s how to optimize your shipping strategy and grow your ecommerce business with custom boxes and on-brand packaging

Branded boxes can improve the customer experience.
First impressions matter, so make it a good one. For many online customers, your branded box is often the first physical interaction a customer has with your brand and product. That’s why it’s so important to communicate who you are and what you stand for with a custom shipping box — it’s the first thing they see, touch and experience. 

Custom packages can increase your business’s legitimacy.
A branded box can inspire trust and legitimacy versus shipping your items in a plain unmarked one. A customized package looks polished, professional and proves you mean business as an ecommerce retailer. 

Believe it or not, they can enhance your social media presence too. 
Instagram unboxings have become popular in recent years as a branded form of influencer marketing. These videos, posted by Instagram influencers, bloggers and celebrities, are often live-streamed and feature the act of opening up boxes of products for the first time in front of thousands of viewers, making it ever so important to have a recognizable, branded box to showcase. 

For more tips and tricks, read Box It Up: A Small Business Guide to Shipping Boxes for a comprehensive outline on pricing, boxes, branding, and more. 

Boxing Up Ecommerce Shipping

When it comes to shipping needs for your small business, there’s no denying the importance of having a strategy in place. Whether your store resides on Shopify, Etsy or eBay, understanding the logistics around shipping can go a long way for your business’s bottom line.

Ready to personalize your store’s ecommerce shipping experience?

Browse Brandable Box today and find out how we can help you create personalized boxes that fit your budget.  


This article was written by our marketing agency, MarketWake.

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