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How To Grow Your Moving Company With Custom Moving Boxes

Owning a small moving company involves a lot of, well, stuff. 

To be successful, your company needs to establish itself as a reliable service, maintain moving equipment and build a system that will attract more customers.

You’ve been working on building your moving company for a few years now. You have a good customer base that has spread through word of mouth. So what’s your next step to growing your business? 

Working on your company branding.

Here’s how you can grow your moving company. 

Branding, Branding and More Branding

What is branding? Try making a quick Google search and you’ll come up with several different definitions, some spanning pages in length. Defining what a brand is has been difficult because the concept is so much more than just a logo or what your business looks like. 

In short, “brand” is what people think of and feel about your product or business. Your company branding should set your business apart in your market and help people feel good about your company.

As a mover, you understand it’s important to look organized and professional when it comes to your business. Part of this is your actual performance as a business. Moving customers expect their furniture and items to be handled safely and delivered to its destination both on time and in one piece.

The other part of looking organized and professional is how your brand looks to your customers. When you create a strong brand, your business will stand out from your competitors. Your online presence (website, logo, and social profiles) will help sell your brand if it’s designed well. 

But think about building offline brand awareness. Take a look at other moving companies and you’ll notice branded moving trucks, T-shirts and hats. This isn’t just fun company swag to have.

As your employees are driving around to different neighborhoods and cities, they are serving as moving ads for your business. The more people see your logo every day, the better.

One way you can take company-branded items a step further to stand out from your competitors and build your brand awareness? 

Custom Moving Boxes

Between moving dollies, blankets, packing materials, and more, you’ll want your business to stand out. 

Adding your company logo to your moving boxes is a simple and affordable option to creating a branding experience that doesn’t end when your moving truck drives off. 

In fact, custom moving boxes are the gifts that keep on giving. 50% of customers are more likely to recommend a product to a friend if the packaging they’ve received is branded.

With Brandable Box, you can get high quality corrugated boxes at an affordable price. Invest in the satisfaction of your customers. It shows you respect and care for their belongings during the move. 

Try our custom moving boxes today. Your customers are more likely to pass on your website, company logo or phone number to others.

Whether you choose to focus on helping customers move from houses, restaurants or other small businesses, a move can’t be a move without boxes.  Shop custom shipping boxes.

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