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Custom Packaging: Not Just For Big Companies Anymore

When it comes to your small business, custom boxes can help improve your branding, allow you to gain exposure and increase your customers’ satisfaction.

In fact, 34% of consumers said what they think about a brand and company is influenced by the use of branded packaging. And 61% of that group said branded packaging makes the brand seem more premium.

But a lot of small businesses skip the customization and opt for a plain brown box. 

Our team did a little investigating on social media and asked small business owners why they made these packaging decisions. One general consensus stood out to us. Almost everyone saw the benefits of custom boxes, but they didn’t believe they were worth the investment. Or they believed they couldn’t invest in custom boxes. 

Some of the reasons included:

  1. You have to have thousands of units of sales.
  2. The cost of custom packaging is way too high.
  3. You have to purchase a lot of boxes for the price to be worth it.

Brandable Box believes businesses of any size should have access to custom printed boxes. We made it our mission to make our boxes eco-friendly and business-friendly. 

We’re debunking these three popular myths from small businesses. 

1. You have to have thousands of units of sales.

Unlike other companies, no matter your shipping quantity, our minimum purchase order is only 25 boxes.

We know your needs change. You don’t want to get stuck with an overflow of inventory you can’t use for your new product. 

So whether you’re shipping 50 boxes or 5,000 boxes, our shipping minimum allows for flexibility and comfort when it comes to your packaging needs. 

2. The cost of custom packaging is way too high.

You’re a small business owner. You know this. We know this. We've spoken with customers like you who source shipping boxes from anywhere they can get them, whether online or from what's lying around. We understand that you don’t have a large and expendable budget when it comes to shipping and packaging for your product. 

Your first priority is to get your product to its destination safely. Only then can you think about how the outside of your box looks.

By only offering ten standard sizes, we can buy our inventory in bulk. This helps give you a lower price and a faster turnaround time.


3. You have to purchase a lot of boxes for the price to be worth it.

    Our team offers flat pricing, so whether you’re purchasing 1 bundle or 100 bundles, the price per box will stay the same. And it’s still 70% lower than most custom box prices on the market. Skip the massive quantities and get the perfect amount of custom boxes for your business. 

    Our team strives to provide eco-friendly, inexpensive, quality boxes for businesses of all sizes.

    Try Brandable Box now or send us an email at to let us know how we can help you in your box needs!

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